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Admission open for Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling 2019-20. For further details log on to(http://www.ipu.ac.in)

Job Training Course for CDPOs (Introduction)

Training and capacity building of ICDS functionaries is one of the most vital components of ICDS programme and is accredited as a key factor in successful implementation of the programme. A CDPO is responsible for implementation and administration of ICDS programme at project level and provides the link between ICDS functionaries and Government administration. A CDPO is required to be a planner, manager & administrator, organizer & implementer, educator & communicator and above all a coordinator. CDPOs/ACDPOs are given job training and thereafter refresher training every two years for effective delivery of services. The learning goals of this job training are:

  • To provide easy access to CDPOs who cannot come to job training.
  • To act as a guide & educator to the project team.
  • To build leadership, motivation and team building attitude.
  • To improve the planning and managerial skills to implement ICDS project.
  • To have first-hand experience in supervision & monitoring of ICDs programme.
  • To be able to manage supplies, equipment’s and services.
  • To act as a good communicator for behaviour change

The syllabus for Job Training Course (JTC) for CDPOs/ACDPOs has been developed keeping in view the role, job responsibilities, qualifications and skills required by CDPOs/ACDPOs as a project leader. A learner and resource person should be aware of the current information about ICDS programme. The content will help the CDPOs provide supervised supervision, act as teachers and help in the field. This course can be accessed by not only CDPOs, who are currently in the job but also by anyone who is an ICDS trainer such as MLTC/AWTCs Instructors, District Programme Officers (DPOs), Post Graduates in Home Science, Public Health and Social Sciences with specialization in Women/Child related programmes.

For the CDPOs there will be a contact program to be held at NIPCCD or its Regional Centers for hands on supervised training to enhance the knowledge of the functionaries. However, for the trainers, different contact programs will be held so that they are able to train the ICDS functionaries to carry out their jobs effectively and provide supportive supervision. The working CDPOs would be eligible for CDPO JTC certificate while the trainers would be given Training of Trainers – ICDS Certificate after the contact programme.